How do I configure SPF and DKIM for sending mail through Deskpro servers?

This guide is intended for Deskpro Cloud users who want to use custom email addresses at their own domain (such as, but still want Deskpro to handle all outgoing email.


To improve deliverability of your messages, you need to modify your DNS so ISPs know that we are authorised to send mail on your behalf. If you don't carry out these steps, outgoing emails may be marked as spam by email providers.

Consult your server administrator if you don't know how to change your DNS settings.


Create TXT record for SPF

You need to add to your SPF record which whitelists SendGrid as a server allowed to send mail from your domain. Read more about SPF syntax here.

Here are a couple examples:

  • Basic: v=spf1 a mx ~all
  • When you use Google Apps: v=spf1 a mx ~all
  • Used with a custom domain: v=spf1 a mx ~all

You don't need to list your own domains here. The "~all" at the end means that whatever server is not listed within the SPF record is considered neutral (neither spam nor not spam). However, you will improve deliverability if the server is listed.


Create CNAME records for DKIM

DKIM is another system employed by ISPs to prevent spam. You need to create these CNAME records to enable DKIM on your domain:

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