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Add a method to identify the original recipients of an EMAIL imported into DeskPRO - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add a method to identify the original recipients of an EMAIL imported into DeskPRO Collecting Feedback

We would like to have some way to find out who the original recipients (To and CC) were of an -email- that was imported into the ticket system. Currently the only way to figure this out is via the email logs in the admin interface, which is inconvenient (not accessible to agents) and non-permanent. Viewing the raw source of the message from the agent interface does not include this information. The only workaround we could come up with is to leave the messages on our Exchange server and check there.&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />

The reason this is important to us is that we sometimes find ourselves in situations in which a -user- purposefully left out one of the CC recipients, thinking that this would initiate a -private- conversation with us. This is not an unreasonable thing to think for a user without knowledge of the way that DeskPRO handles CC recipients. As a result, messages that are intended to be privately sent to us can end up in tickets (visible to all recipients).

If we see that this happens we convert the message to an agent note or split it off into a new ticket. However, without the presence of a visual indicator we sometimes miss occurrences like this, which can lead to uncomfortable situations. We strongly believe that we cannot expect out -users- to abide by the rules of DeskPRO and to create a new ticket for a private conversation.

Possible places to add information like this would be:

- As extra information when viewing the raw message (relatively easy solution but not very functional as the agent would only check if they are suspicious that this may have happened).

- As extra information in the ticket log, e.g. by displaying the addressees next to each imported email (somewhat easier solution, but has the same issue as the previous suggestion).

- The best option for us would be a visual indicator right on the message (e.g. a color or icon) to warn that not all recipients of a ticket were included in that particular imported email.

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