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System wide holiday & working hours definition Collecting Feedback

1. It would be nice to have the chance to reference to the system-wide holiday definition in ADMIN-TICKET-SETTING when defining new SLAs: 2. It should be possible to generally define different working hours schemes that could be referenced to when defining SLAs. Elsewhere I have to redefine it again and again as "custom working hours.

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Claire Collier
Also recurring holidays do not save when attaching holidays into an SLA (e.g. Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Years Day) If we had an additional set of saved holidays that would be much easier as the feature request above states.
Clint Broadhead

Here in the states we have holidays that do not correlate on a specific date, but on a specific day in the month. Examples of common, no work, holidays that do not fall on a specific day: Memorial Day - Celebrated on the last Monday in the month of May Labor Day - Celebrated on the first Monday in September Thanksgiving Day - Celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November It would be nice to be able to schedule these as reoccurring holidays, because I am lazy. :D

Becki Burrows
We need to track whether we have met SLAs wrt total user waiting time. in order to do this we need to know the user waiting time only during working hours.

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