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Field mapping of external usersources Collecting Feedback

Today, Deskpro has the ability to import users from a CSV file. It walks the administrator through a mapping process of csv field names to Deskpro object names. REQUEST: For other usersources, like ActiveDirectory, provide a similar mapping screen the displays the attributes available in Active Directory/LDAP on the left side and Deskpro User fields on the right and selectable mapping. This would allow for expeditious implementation, but also, by doing this mapping would allow for some AD attributes to be mapped to the user 'Contact' Fields rather than having to create other custom fields for phone, office, title, etc...

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Adam Smeets
Further, providing the ability for the dataset to update from Active Directory/LDAP on a set frequency (daily, weekly, etc) would be a great function, removing the manual process alltogether.

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