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A setting that prohibits multiple display of tickets - 피드백 / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


A setting that prohibits multiple display of tickets Collecting Feedback

When you select a ticket on the screen, you can display multiple tickets in tab form.
However, if multiple tickets are displayed in tab form, you may not be able to quickly find out which tab was open in looking for a ticket.
As a means to prevent this kind of thing, we'd like a setting value that always can display only one ticket.
By switching setting values, we believe that convenience will not be lowered as single display and multiple display can be used according to usage 

Comments (1)

Paul Vonic
To have the option to only allow one ticket tab open at any one time. If a ticket tab is open and another ticket is clicked on, the new ticket tab overrides the already open ticket and unlocks it. We are finding that having multiple tickets tabs open is not a good way to operate.

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