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You can now view the Email Message Source - Novità / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

set 6 2022

You can now view the Email Message Source

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We have added the ability to view the Message Source for Emails received by the helpdesk. Viewing the source code of an email can be helpful if you need insights about an email, or it can be beneficial for your support team to troubleshoot technical issues. Access the Message Source by clicking on the menu and selecting View Source.

Message Source.png
Clicking this opens a window with the different forms of source information organized by tabs. We designed it this way to help you quickly find the details you need about the source of an email, such as when you received it, what server sent it, which account received it, and more.

Full Email Source.png
The Email Source window is divided into the following five tabs:

  • Normal Message (which displays the email in full)

  • Raw Message

  • HTML Body

  • Text Body

  • Full Email Source

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