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Nov 28 2022

We have redesigned the Global Search UI

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We wanted to improve your experience when searching the helpdesk, so we have updated the design of our Global Search app to make finding items in the helpdesk more organized and intuitive.

Global Search Improvement.png Items are now more clearly segmented in the Search App, making it easier to find the specific objects you are searching for. You can also filter the search results by item type.
Search Filter.pngThis allows you to refine searches down to the specific type of object you are looking for, making the Search app more useful for searching for specific items across the helpdesk.

Another change that has been made is listing User and Organization results above ticket results. This is based on feedback we received regarding ticket quantity overshadowing User and Organization search, which typically returns fewer results. You can see this in the example below, where the user Agatha is returned in the search results above tickets that have been submitted by or concerning Agatha:
Agatha Example Search.pngThe new design also shows more detail about the Help Center items in the results, making it easier to differentiate between similarly named items.
HC Content Search.png

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