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Enabling permissions on macros for Teams - Remarques / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Enabling permissions on macros for Teams Collecting Feedback

Ability for macros to be restricted for teams rather than just everyone or individual agents.

Commentaires (3)

Gerry Hooper
I would like to create macros, and have the ability to give multiple agents and teams access. Currently this can only be done at a department level.
Christoph Strauss
Macros can be shared with everyone or limited to self. I would be nice to be able to share macros with a specific team.
Samuel Waser
Can you please enhance the assignment of macros? I would like to assign macros to teams and departments, just like it is possible to assign snippets or filters to teams. Right now I can only configure usage of macro for 'myself' or 'everyone'.

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