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Default Brand/Departments by Agent Collecting Feedback

It would be helpful if there could be a default brand/default department setting for each agent in the system. This would be especially useful for multi-brand help desks. Often, both brand and department need to be selected on a new ticket form (by agent) whenever a new ticket is created if the agent is not a member of whatever the default brand/department is. Having this feature would save multiple clicks/ticket for many agents.

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Michel Strøm Tandrup
<p>When I create a ticket from within the agent portal, I can set the default department, but it would be nice to have a way to set the default Brand.<br /> We have 3 brands at this moment on the servidesk.<br /> That means that agents have to set it manually every time they create a tiket by pressing "t".<br /> They cannot create a ticket without setting a Brand.<br /> Furthermore, when the select the brand, the department field goes blank and they have to select that again, which is quite i waste of time.<br /> 90% of our tickeet are for one specific brand and department, so how do I avoid my agents having to set them every time?<br /> We have quite a few walk-ons, where the agents have to create the ticket in the agent portal, so it happens quite often.</p>
Yes, this would be a useful feature.

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