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Bulk-Remove Users - Palaute / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


I would like a feature where I can bulk-remove orphaned users (i.e. users which their content has already been deleted).

I have a trigger that deletes tickets after 6 months, but need an option to remove users who have no tickets.

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Could this be done through a Mass Action feature? It would also be useful if the user list, in the CRM section, would also show if the user has any Chats or Tickets they are cc'd on
Edward McQuaig
I am disappointed that this feature isn't a natural part of DeskPRO. When I started up our ON-PREM installation, there was a desire to integrate with our campus' SSO through Active Directory. About 10,000 users in, our AD administrators set up certificating requirements that would have been just another administration task we don't have time for, so I turned sync off. Now I have about 10,000 users in the system with no way to easily remove the dead-weight. UGH
Samuel Wolfe
Having just completed a custom script for this feature, I can attest that the ability to do so naturally within Deskpro at current state is rather messy. As Christian said, it would be very useful if in the CRM section we could see how many Chats or Tickets a user is associated with. Specifically all tickets, not just active ones. With this feature added the next step of adding a "Dump all users not associated with tickets/chats/forums" would be much easier. Really hope you add this Deskpro.

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