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How to make Message and Subject field not required - Comentarios / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


How to make Message and Subject field not required Collecting Feedback

The possibility of removing the message and subject field from ticket forms,  so that message/subject field validation may be configured as is possible with other fields:


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Jackie Macapanpan
Some context: We have created a number of form layouts that collect all the information needed for a specific kind of support request. For example: Serial Number. For forms like this, a Message field is nice to have as it gives the user a place to add any comments. However, in the above example, we need nothing more than the Serial Number. But the user is still required to enter something into the Message field. It would make a much better user experience to be able to turn-off validation of the field. As it stands, the user would have to type something in the Message field in order to submit the ticket.
Michael Rutledge
This would be greatly appreciated. We make similar forms and would like this functionality as well. Even if you can't "remove" them, allow us to pre-fill and hide those fields from the users so they aren't shown, but contain some data anyway.
Ryan Beard
I have the same request. I suspect this is a harder problem to solve due to feature dependency on these specific fields, but would be really nice if we could at least rename them to be something distinct per department.

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