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Deskpro 2022.1.2, Deskpro 2022.1.3 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

{date} 18 2024

Deskpro 2022.1.2, Deskpro 2022.1.3

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Bug Fixes

  • [sc-74549] - Improve performance of IMAP email accounts

  • [sc-81569] - Sometimes attachments in email notifications are missing from new tickets created by agents from the agent interface

  • [sc-77654] - Date / Time custom fields are not rendered properly in emails

  • [sc-78926] - Fix API access controls on a reports endpoint

  • [sc-83443] - Add stricter cache control headers when logged-in

  • [sc-58413] - Fix corrupt file names on emailed attachments with Japanese filenames

  • [sc-58320] - Fix direct links to help center department forms

  • [sc-60264] - Fix community like icon not working

  • Hotfix in Deskpro 2022.1.3: We resolved a security bug (details to follow)

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