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Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.27 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

Jul 2 2024

Deskpro Horizon Release 2024.27

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2024.27. This release includes several improvements to product functionality and bug fixes.

Latest Improvements

💅 To improve agent experience when making changes to tickets that will result in the agent losing visibility of the ticket (i.e. assigning it to a department they don’t have permission to view). We have added a menu to warn agents before they make the change to ensure they’re aware of the action (SC 152353).

💅 To make it easier to diagnose issues with tickets we have added dumps of the ticket_filters2 table to the ticket debug file (SC 154454).

💅 We have added support to query against the people_orgs table in Reports and using the API. This allows you to query all the different organizations a user is in (SC 152185).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Users created during the creation of an organization will now inherit the organization’s usergroups and thus will have the associated permissions (SC 152754).

🐛 We have fixed the mobile app so agents can edit radio button fields (SC 153422).

🐛 The ticket properties panel has been fixed so that when agents adjust the width of the panel the context will adjust to the available space (SC 150282)

🐛 When a queue is grouped the sub-queues will now display in alphabetical order in the navigation panel (SC 153101).

🐛 We have fixed an issue with the Round Robin admin menu that prevents admins from editing the title (SC 151447).

🐛 We have resolved an issue with displaying the correct Ticket subject on the various social channel tickets (SC 153837).

🐛 Now when users view tickets on the Help Center they will be able to see images sent with height and width attributes (SC 151252).

On-Premise Controller Release [2.19.0]

We are also delighted to announce the latest version of the OPC, [2.19.0]. This version includes new features and some general improvements that will provide an increased level of administrator capabilities.

Latest Improvements

💅 Support configurable severities in problem feed (SC 156179).

💅Handle the case of incompatible database dumps from the latest versions of MariaDB (SC 155152).

Bug Fixes

🐛 Update container default networking configuration to restrict access to internal port-based routing that could be abused in some environments (SC 156129).

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