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Automatically create tasks with relative due dates - News / Product - Deskpro Support

Sep 2 2019

Automatically create tasks with relative due dates

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You don't just need to use your helpdesk for support, and increasing number of clients use Deskpro for change, workflow and task management.  A common example we see in HR and Recruitment would be a set of tasks to complete when a new employee joins or leaves a company - however you can apply this process in practically any working environment.

What has been changed?

As part of our continuing efforts to improve tasks and automations  you are now able to configure ticket triggers and escalations which can create a set of tasks for an agent, with relative due dates.

When would we use this?

In the above example, we can see there are some main tasks to complete for a new hire. 

1. The employee must immediately be familiarised with the fire exits and basic safety guidelines. Within 24 hours of ticket creation.

2. A suitable line manager must chosen for the employee, after they have had a change to settle in. Within 7 days of ticket creation.

3. The management team must review the employees Annual Bonus on a specific date. 

This has infinite application, from IT Service Management, Sales and Government/Public Sector applications which require robust automation in their tasks and and workflows.

In summary?

This is a very powerful enhancement to the tasks management system, allowing you to fully automate what has previously been delicate and tiresome workflow. There is now no need for a support manager to repeatedly create or enforce deadlines, the helpdesk will take care of this.

How do we get started?

This feature will apply automatically after upgrading to 2019.7. The "Create Task" feature is available in all types of ticket trigger and escalation.

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