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Meta App Review Template Videos - Facebook Messenger Self-Managed (On-Premise) - Knowledgebase / Using Deskpro / Admin / Channels - Deskpro Support

Meta App Review Template Videos - Facebook Messenger Self-Managed (On-Premise)

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This article includes the supplemental videos that run alongside our Meta App Review Template Guide for the Self-Managed option of Deskpro’s Facebook Messenger Channel (On-Premise).

Watch these videos at the right points of the guide to get the best understanding.


These videos should be used for guidance only and should not be submitted as part of your App Review, you need to supply recordings of your own Deskpro instance.

1) End to End Screen Recording

This video shows the entire process of installing a Facebook Page from Deskpro. It also includes how you send a message from the Facebook Page and receive it in Deskpro.

2) Adding a Page to your Meta App in Deskpro

This video shows how you install a Facebook Page from Deskpro, including requesting permissions.

3) Facebook Page sends a message to Deskpro

This video shows how Facebook Messages are received in the helpdesk.

4) Sending Messages from a Facebook Page to a Human Agent in Deskpro

This video details sending a message into Deskpro from your Facebook page and how an Agent would reply once the message is received.

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