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How do I create and translate a custom phrase? - Knowledgebase / Using Deskpro / Admin / Configuration - Deskpro Support

How do I create and translate a custom phrase?

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If you would like to have a custom phrase in Deskpro, that exists translated across all of the different languages you support. Follow the instructions below to learn where you can add a custom phrase and its translations.

To create a new custom phrase, go to Admin > Configuration > Phrase Translation > + New.

When you add a New Custom Phrase, you’ll also be given the option to add the phrase into any language you have installed:

If you want to add the Phrase in a language that is not showing, you’ll have to install that language pack to your Deskpro Account (Admin > Configuration > Languages & Locales).

You will then have the ability to add a custom phrase translation for each language you have installed!

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