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How can I make agents record a solution for each ticket? - Knowledgebase / Using Deskpro / Admin - Deskpro Support

How can I make agents record a solution for each ticket?

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I would like to make my agents record how each ticket was resolved. Is there a way to add a compulsory 'Solution' field to Deskpro that is required to resolve a ticket?



You can implement this easily using a custom ticket field.

  1. Go to Admin > Ticket Structure > Ticket Fields

  2. Click New.

  3. Select a Single-Line Text Box or Multi-Line Text Box depending on how long a description you want agents to enter (or you could create a multiple-choice field using Select Field).

  4. You don't want users to see this field on the portal, so select Agent only field.

  5. Select Require the agent to provide a value and Only agent validation when the ticket is being resolved.

    Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 15.19.43.png



  6. Click Create and head to Admin > Ticket Structure > Departments if you would like this to only appear on tickets for certain departments.

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