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Ticket Interface to always show top client information - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ticket Interface to always show top client information Collecting Feedback

It would be very ideal if you can change the ticket view interface that the top part of the ticket where there the user name and subject change status should be freeze always on top, and only the bottom part where the agent replies or forwards should scroll up and down (same as it looks when you view an email with Microsoft outlook), so the agent can always see the user information and subject and change the status Etc. handy without spending time scrolling up and down, also I realized agents missing important information from ticket’s since they were scrolling down to view the ticket itself they missed information from the ticket subject.

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Jeroen van der Steen
This is a really nice idea, but if implemented it would be good to make sure that small monitor sizes are taken into account somehow (or that the feature can be turned off).

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