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Start Ticket in Agent Interface via URL - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Start Ticket in Agent Interface via URL Collecting Feedback

Our agents frequently need to start Deskpro tickets while working in our in-house customer support and operations tools. For example, to reach out to a customer or vendor. They go to the Deskpro agent interface, start a ticket, and copy/paste values from the other tool into Deskpro. For example, the customer/vendor name or email. And then they fill in the other fields according to the situation, like title and category. And they add a reference link back to the other tool.

Then they use the normal functionality of Deskpro to complete the new ticket. For example, snippets, macros, looking up customers, file attachments, etc.

It would be extremely helpful if we could embed URLs in our other tools that started Deskpro tickets in the agent interface. For example: Order Inquiry

In our tool, there would links for the most common reasons to initiate a Deskpro ticket with the customer/vendor. And each would start a ticket in a highly uniform and automated manner.

Upon using the link, the agent would get the Deskpro agent interface with the ticket started and pre-filled with values.

This would help keep our agent created tickets highly uniform, save the agent time, and prevent date entry mistakes.

This would be a nice "light-weight" way to integrate in-house web tools with Deskpro.

Note that I don't think the same thing can be accomplished using the Deskpro API, because the agent would not get a chance to use Deskpros features (snippets, macros, etc.) before the ticket was created (and an email sent out to the customer/vendor). The in-house tool would have to implement almost all of the Deskpro functionality within itself to use the Deskpro API, and that is not a light-weight integration.

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Colin Dunn
I do understand the need for this, and it is something we are looking into. At the moment, you are able to send data in the way you have mentioned to pre-fill tickets created from the portal, but with the agent backend it is a bit more complicated. We do understand the need for this, and will be looking at the possibility of implementation.

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