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Link Existing Tickets - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Link Existing Tickets Finished

Thank-you for the recent feature that allows create of a new linked ticket.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Take that a step further and something even more useful for our team would result. <br /><br /> <br /><br /> Provide the ability to link &quot;existing&quot; tickets together. While creating a &quot;new&quot; linked ticket is helpful in some cases, more often, we find that we have multiple tickets that need to be linked together and just merging the tickets would not be appropriate.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> One example might be the case of an &quot;incident&quot; where multiple customer report one of several symptoms when in fact the root cause is a single incident. Linking them together could allow us to have an incident ticket with root cause analysis and resolution, while replying uniquely to each &quot;symptom&quot; ticket individually.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> Thanks!

Official response

Lara Proud

Deskpro now offers the ability to link multiple existing tickets together or create a new ticket linked to an existing one. Linking tickets is covered in our Agent Guide: In the example of one incident that many tickets are affected by, an alternative option to manage this would be to utilize the Problems feature, as once an incident has been identified, you can create a Problem which all the tickets can be associated with. Doing this allows your team to manage and respond to them uniquely, if required, or via a mass reply! You can read about the Problems feature in our guide: Regarding project management, it's possible to link a resolved or archived ticket to other existing tickets or create a new one linked to it. So in the example included in this conversation, this would allow you to manage any outstanding issues after a project has passed the QA testing stage, or create new ones linked to the original ticket.

Comments (4)

This would be an ideal feature for many of us as explained by Tom.
Lenny LaRose
As stated above, the ability to link tickets should be provided both upon new creation, and also update. A search by ticket number could then find "Related Tickets" if they were somehow linked.
Lenny LaRose
It would also be beneficial for us to have Project Tickets from which related tickets can be created and linked to for tracking purposes. This is useful in tracking projects that have passed our Quality Assurance (QA) testing, and then seeing what issues are still outstanding even after acceptance.
Koen Glotzbach