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Ability to expand columns in Agent ticket grid - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to expand columns in Agent ticket grid Collecting Feedback

It would be really useful to have the ability use a double-arrow between columns to expand the size of the column when it starts to get truncated. This is a pretty standard feature in most grid based software products. See screenshots for details.

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Zara Marchesi
Thanks for your feedback! The DeskPRO Helpdesk is constantly evolving, and we love collaborating with you to develop and grow our product into one that works for you. We love your idea for a function which will allow you to expand the size of columns when they are truncated. Currently, you can change the view of the Agent Interface and customize how to switch between panes - please see our Guides for further information. Whilst we think about whether we can develop this further, and in the meantime other Users can contribute and agree with your Feedback - the more, the merrier! The more we feel it will benefit a number of Users, the more likely it is we will work on the feature!

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