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What are Escalations?

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What are Ticket Escalations? When would I want to create an Escalation?

An Escalation is a global automation rule where a set of actions will occur on a Ticket that matches specific criteria after it has spent a pre-defined amount of time in a particular state.

First, you need to define the Event, a time-based field, i.e., The ticket has been open for X hours.

Then you set any Criteria that must be met for the Escalation to apply to the ticket. This can be something such as the Agent Team assigned to the ticket.

Finally, you define the Actions you want to occur when the Escalation Event and Criteria are met, such as increasing the urgency or re-assigning to a more senior team.


A common example of an Escalation is to re-assign tickets that have been left alone for too long.

You might want to re-assign tickets that haven't had a response from an agent in 24 hours to ensure they don't get missed.

To learn about setting up Escalations in your helpdesk, check out the Admin Guide.

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