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How do I nominate users to manage an organization's tickets? - Bilgi Bankası / Using Deskpro / Agent - Deskpro Support

How do I nominate users to manage an organization's tickets?

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The organization managers feature allows specific people to oversee all of the ticket happenings for their organization. Normally, a person can only see the tickets that they've created or are a participant in. However, an organization manager can see any ticket associated with their organization and even automatically be added as a participant to any new tickets for their organization.

Nominating Organization Managers

A person can be set as an organization manager in two places in the agent interface:

  • On a person's CRM profile, next to their position field.

  • On the organization page, in the members list. Organization managers have an icon next to their name. Clicking this icon will toggle manager status on and off.


From the Organization Manager's perspective

An organization manager can view and search all of their organization's tickets in the help center. They will have a new option when clicking on their user profile icon.


If they wish to automatically join any tickets for their organization when they're created, they can set this on their profile page:


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