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How do I use Email Action Codes?

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Deskpro allows agents to perform actions via the use of special action codes that can be added to the top of email messages.

Action codes must be placed at the top of the email message and all follow this general format:

#codename option

Where "codename" is the name of a code and "option" is a parameter used to perform an action (if required).

You can enter as many codes in one email as you want so long as they are at the very top of the email, one code per line.

The table below has some of the most useful action codes. For a full list, see Email Action Codes.


Action Codes




#status option

Sets the ticket status.

Available options:

agent__user__resolved__pending (sets to awaiting agent and enables pending status)

#status resolved

or #is-note

Sets the message to be an agent note rather than a reply to the user (overrides default)



or #is-reply

Sends message as a reply to user (overrides default)


#field value

Sets any custom field. #field is the name of the custom field with spaces removed or turned into dashes, and value is the value to set.

#license-id 12345
#subscribe-newsletter yes


Prevents a message from being added to the ticket.

Use this when you want to use other action codes but don't want to add an actual reply to the ticket.



When Deskpro is searching for values based on a string title or name (for example, category names or agent names, etc.), all comparisons are case-insensitive and with whitespace and punctuation removed. Here are a few examples:

  • "Booker Dean-DeWitt" is matched as bookerdeandewitt

  • "License ID" is matched as licenseid

  • "Product Name (Full)" is matched as productnamefull

Your option values are treated the same way. So if you entered the name "Booker Dean Dewitt" or "booker dean de-WITT", both would match the name "Booker Dean-DeWitt".

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