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Report to generate ticket custom field IDs

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It can be useful to have a list of ticket custom field IDs to hand when building reports, especially if you don't have admin permissions on your helpdesk.

You can generate a list of titles and IDs in the stat builder using the DPQL below:

SELECT custom_def_ticket.title,

FROM custom_def_ticket

This will actually output all fields and also the IDs for the options available within them.

If you just want to output the top level fields you can add a WHERE clause as below :

SELECT custom_def_ticket.title,

FROM custom_def_ticket

WHERE custom_def_ticket.parent.title = NULL

You can build reports for other types of custom data fields as well.

For example you could create an equivalent report for user field IDs:

SELECT Custom_Def_People.title,

FROM Custom_Def_people

View our reporting documentation to see the other custom data tables you can reference.

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