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I'm having trouble with duplicate actions from a custom trigger

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If you’ve created a Custom Trigger, it can sometimes seem like it runs twice in a row or performs two similar actions.

This can happen if your Trigger carries out the same action as one of the Default Triggers that are built-in to Deskpro.


You have set up a custom New Ticket Trigger that emails the user when specific tickets are created in the Sales department, but the Department trigger for the Sales department is still set up to send an auto-response email.

So, if a ticket meets the criteria for both Triggers, the user will receive two emails for the same ticket event.

You should check the history tab of an affected ticket to confirm that this is the problem, as it tells you which Triggers have been actioned.

To fix this, disable the action on the built-in trigger or remove your new trigger. And if you still want the action to apply if your custom trigger doesn't run, set up a second custom trigger with opposite criteria.

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