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Community forums not showing up on the Help Center

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If you have enabled Community on your Help Center, but there aren’t any forums displaying for End-Users to submit topics, this will be related to permissions. You need to give specific usergroups access before they will be visible to different groups of your end users.

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the Usergroups that you want to access the Community component have the relevant permissions:

In Admin, go to CRM > Usergroups and select the Usergroup from the list that you want to have access to Community, when the menu opens go to Permissions > Help Center, and toggle the relevant options to control how members of the Usergroup can use the Community component:

If members of the Usergroup are then still not able to submit and interact with Community Topics, then you will need to update the permission settings on an individual Community Forum to give the Usergroup access.

To do this, go to Help Center > Community > Forums. Then select the Forum you want the Usergroup to have access to and add them as an option on the Usergroup checklist:

Once the Usergroup has access to view a Forum, they will be able to submit Topics to it in the Community section of your Help Center.

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