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Dashboard for Wallboard to show stats Finished

Something that would be a huge plus for Deskpro is if there could be a screen that could contain live stats and displayed on a wallboard (large TV screen) for customers and agents to see. Things such as tickets meeting SLAs, which agent has which ticket in their queue etc. Ideally not using up a full user licence.

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Earle Steel
Hi Chris, Thank you for the suggestion, much appreciated. Unfortunately we do not have a dashboard/leaderboard function at the moment. We do have the reporting system where you can pull full metrics on the agent performance. You also have full use of the API. Customers will usually need to have very specific reporting/data, so we do have people who have built/developed their own overviews/leader boards. The API is very flexible and makes this possible. We can also do custom development work if you need a leaderboard/dashboard built, let us know if that is something that you would be interested in. Once again, thank you for the submission
Christian Cantinelli
Hi, I developed my Wallboard for TV. Initially I used the APIs but for the refresh (long time and the huge amount of data) I preferred to query directly mysql database. I have to say that the solution is great and the result too! :)
Colin Dunn
We are moving forward with a new reporting system which we want to add in a live and customizable dashboard as well. It is good to hear you have used the API to link this into another platform.