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Handling Tickets Efficiently

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Deskpro has a lot of different automations that make it easier to handle tickets and keep customers happy. For Agents, the main automation tools you’ll use are Snippets, Macros, and Mass Actions.

  • Snippets insert a rich-text canned response into your reply in two clicks making it quick and easy to send the same answer over and over, without having to type it out manually.

  • Macros are created to let you run multiple actions on a ticket in one. If you have processes that regularly require you to apply the same actions you can create Macros which you can then add to a ticket to run the actions at once, rather than needing to apply them individually.

  • Mass Actions are how they sound, they let you mass-select tickets from a list and add actions that will be applied to all the tickets at once, avoiding you having to click into every ticket and apply the action manually.

Introduction Videos:

These videos will introduce you to the different automation actions you can apply to tickets.



Mass Actions:

Here is some suggested reading about the different productivity tools you can use to help you provide exceptional support.

Further reading:

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