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Deskpro for HR Teams

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Many HR teams across the globe place their trust in Deskpro’s helpdesk software every day, leveraging the ticketing system's powerful features to streamline key human resources processes and operations to enhance internal support delivery.

We have put together a 'recipe' that will walk you through the key features and benefits that Deskpro brings to HR teams to automate processes and provide great employee experiences. These include:

  • Approvals

  • Permissions

  • 24/7 self-service internal knowledgebase

  • Employee Request Contact Form

  • Recurring Tickets

  • Integrations with additional CRM Software

  • GDPR and Security Compliance

  • Reporting and Analytics

Each of these features is designed to help your human resources team thrive.


Many HR teams have request management or approval processes in place that ensure management can sign off on any decisions.

Deskpro's Approvals feature streamlines internal approval processes, enabling HR requests to be automatically forwarded to the relevant approver, to be approved and actioned accordingly. 

The result is a significant reduction in time spent chasing approvals, allowing your HR team members to focus on providing superior service to employees.

You can read about setting up effective approval processes in Deskpro to help your teams manage requests in a more efficient manner.


Given the sensitive nature of information handled by HR teams, Deskpro places a keen emphasis on agent permissions. We offer an extensive selection of permissions for maximum flexibility. Configuring specific agent permissions is especially useful when used alongside other department divisions within your organization e.g., your IT team.

We have included a guide that covers both how extensive the list of permissions is but also a walkthrough of applying these permissions on those departmental and group levels.

Self-Service Internal Knowledgebase

Not only does Deskpro increase the efficiency of managing and responding to employee requests. Deskpro boasts a comprehensive Help Center, your employee-facing portal designed to reduce repetitive tickets by providing an internal knowledgebase for employees to refer to at any point.

The Help Center is made up of several key areas; Knowledgebase, Files, Guides, News, and Community. You can host important documents such as policy agreements, FAQs, and news articles, helping to preemptively answer employee queries and reducing the need for ticket creation. The Help Center also includes a built-in contact form that features ticket deflection, suggesting relevant knowledgebase articles as employees type their queries.

Contact Form for HR Requests

Understanding the varying nature of HR requests, Deskpro's Help Center contact form is fully customizable, ensuring you gather all necessary information upfront, and reducing time spent on follow-up questions. 

You can create any number of custom fields to request additional information during submission, and your dynamic forms can update based on the information your employees supply and powerful automations can route the requests to the correct team within your HR department seamlessly. Learn how to create custom ticket forms to gather data effectively.

Snippets and Team Productivity Tools

Deskpro's Agent Productivity Tools, such as Snippets, Macros, and Follow Ups, save your team time and help them to reuse responses to common queries, enhancing efficiency and consistency in your communication. 

Your HR team can use these efficiency tools to follow set processes within two clicks, send canned responses, and check in for more information when needed. Learn about all of the productivity tools available to you in Deskpro to save your team time.

CRM Software Integration

Deskpro integrates seamlessly with a variety of CRM software such as PeopleHR, and authentication applications like Active Directory, or Google, providing a unified and user-friendly platform where your Agents and Users don't need new Deskpro login details.

Check out our App Library to see all the different pieces of software Deskpro can integrate with.

GDPR and Security

Deskpro is fully GDPR-compliant, ensuring data privacy and security. Plus, with automation features like Escalations, you can automatically clear all ticket attachments after a set period, further safeguarding any sensitive data stored in your HR ticketing system.

Reporting and Analytics

Deskpro's robust capabilities are not just confined to these features. Our platform is also equipped with robust reporting and analytics tools, enabling you to track and improve your HR team's performance over time.

You can read our Reports Guide to get to grips with building custom reports in Deskpro against any of your key metrics.

Customer Stories

Explore our selection of customer stories, detailing how Deskpro has revolutionized HR processes across diverse companies:

Experience Deskpro's transformative power with a free 14-day trial, or schedule a 30-minute demo with our team who can further explain Deskpro's comprehensive features and capabilities.

For any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to us directly at

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