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Link your Communication Channels

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Deskpro is an omnichannel helpdesk platform, which means there are numerous ways that users can get in touch with you through Deskpro.

This article will cover the different channels you can link to your helpdesk, and show you where you can access documentation to walk you through setup!

Linking up your various communication channels with the helpdesk ensures tickets are generated whenever users try to contact you, making it easier for your agents to manage and respond to their queries.

The main channels in Deskpro are Email, Live Chat, Forms, Voice, Social Media, and Reviews.


You can configure the Email accounts that you want to link to your helpdesk in Admin > Channels > Email > Accounts. Any new messages to an email account linked to your helpdesk are automatically converted into a ticket.

Email accounts that you add to your helpdesk have to be linked to specific departments; this means that tickets generated from the email account will be automatically assigned to the respective departments.


If you add: as an email address and link it to the Sales Department, each ticket that is generated from that email address will be assigned to Sales.

Your helpdesk will have a default ticketing email account: Users can submit tickets to this address and it will be linked to your Support department.

To create a new email account click + New which will open the new email account window where you can input the details of an account that you want to add. You can also specify which brands you want the address to be available to.

For more information about Email account settings see Email Accounts.

Live Chat

You can also embed a Live Chat widget onto your webpages or Help Center to enable real-time chat with your users.

To set up the Live Chat widget on your pages go to Admin > Channels > Chat > Messenger Setup. From here, you can customize the look and behavior of the widget. When you’re happy with it, you can go to Add Messenger to your Site, to get the code to embed it onto your sites.

To manage which of your brands, departments and agents are able to use the Live Chat you can edit Chat Permissions in Admin > Channels > Chat > Departments.

You can also manage Chat Queues by going to Admin > Channels > Chat > Queues. This lets you customize how Chats are assigned to agents in your helpdesk.

For more detail on Live Chat setup, see Chat Setup.


Create custom, dynamic Forms for your Help Center that generate tickets that contain specific information that agents require from your users. Forms also enable you to route your tickets to departments based on the fields a user fills out when creating a ticket.

You can create custom forms by going to Admin > Ticket Structure > Departments. From here, you select the department you’re creating a form for and then go to the Form tab.


You can also create custom fields for Forms in Admin > Ticket Structure > Ticket Fields.

Forms automatically appear on the Help Center, but you can also embed them on your website by selecting Website Embed, which generates the embed code you need to add your form onto other pages. See Department Forms for more information about Forms on your Help Center.


Users can also contact your helpdesk through the Voice app, which operates as a fully integrated call center system.

To enable Voice, go to Admin > Channels > Voice and follow the steps to set up Voice and add credit to your account.

Once you have enabled Voice, you can purchase a number, add queues, and build an auto attendant.

For more information about the Voice Set up, see this section of the Admin Guide.


Interacting with your users is possible over multiple social media channels, and these interactions can also be linked to your customers’ CRM profiles. So you can provide full omnichannel support.

Admin > Channels > Select Channel


Once you have added your Twitter account, you can receive and respond to both @mention and direct messages from your handle.

Setting up Twitter on Deskpro


You can send and receive messages via a business WhatsApp account, using an SMS number on Deskpro and requesting WhatsApp messaging to be enabled.

Setup WhatsApp on your helpdesk


Setup Facebook on your helpdesk


Introduction to Instagram


You can also use Deskpro to aggregate the feedback your product is getting via review sites.

Apple App Store reviews

Trustpilot reviews

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