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Standard Features - Spätná väzba / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

1) There should be a way when replying to an email from desk that we should be able to BCC someone..... why are we only able to BCC when forwarding an email?
2) There should be a way to reply to 1 person in an email without changing the user of the ticket (like reply to one and not reply to all...)

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Matthew Wray
Thanks Abe - the BCC would be a helpful feature we would like to implement With regards to your second request this is really what the forward and forward as a new linked ticket options are designed for. If you sent an email to just one user on the ticket but the others were still on the ticket, they could potentially see the reply (not intended for them) in the user portal and in future email chains and histories.
Yes, the ability to BCC would greatly help with being able to reply to a Master Ticket.
Alexandru Voinea
BCC for reply to tickets would the best feature for Deskpro

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