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Out of office handling for agents who get assigned tickets - Spätná väzba / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Out of office handling for agents who get assigned tickets Collecting Feedback

We've had recurring issues where an agent gets assigned something that stays untouched because they are unavailable for days or weeks. We want to remove the human action of having others track another agent's tickets and automate it.

Something like an indicator someone can mark on their preferences with a start and end date and the ticket gets unassigned from them, or more filter actions.

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Jeroen van der Steen
This would be nice. We currently use new reply triggers that unassign tickets when activated to achieve something like an out-of-office function. However, this is less than ideal because a) it requires a separate trigger for every agent to be defined, and b) it requires admin access to activate/deactivate them, while agents should be able to do this themselves. Still, it's something...
Steve Berrieman
It really just needs a time limited option for a user to route all their tickets to a department, without IT needing to intervene and change the email account settings etc. Would be very handy though.

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