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How can you avoid Ticket Collision?

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There are a few features in Deskpro to help prevent Ticket Collision, where multiple support agents try to respond to the same request at once.

Ticket Drafts

When another Agent is working on a Ticket, other Agents who have access to view the Ticket will be able to see any draft response that another Agent is working on.

Drafts help make it clear when another Agent is already responding to a query which can prevent other Agents from working on the issue if someone else is already handling it.

Ticket Locking

Another feature Deskpro has is Ticket Locking. Ticket Locking is one of the key Ticket Actions that lets Agents prevent other Agents from working on a ticket in the helpdesk. Once an Agent marks a ticket as locked, others will not be able to edit it until it has been unlocked. 

While a Ticket is locked it will display a banner and lock icon to other Agents so they know that it is locked from action for them. 


Agents can manually unlock a ticket when they are done working on it, additionally, Admins can set up automations to ensure tickets don't remain locked unintentionally and prevent work.

Ticket Assignment

Another way that Agents can make it clear who is working on a request is via Ticket Assignment. This can work whether your Admins create automations to assign Tickets between Support Agents, or if you operate in a helpdesk where Agents assign themselves the Tickets they will be working on.

Ticket Assignment gives clear ownership over a Ticket. Agents can mark a Ticket as Mine by assigning it to themself to make it clear who is responsible for this Ticket. Plus, the Ticket History feature gives you a view into the Assignment history of a Ticket so you can see a clear audit trail of who is or was responsible for a Ticket at each stage.

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