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out. 11 2018

Deskpro 2018.3 Release

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New and Improved in 2018.3

  • DP-2195 — New setting (Admin > Tickets > Settings) to require authentication to view ticket attachments. This currently only works for DB and FS storage; S3 support is coming soon.
  • DP-2625 — On cloud, you can now enable social logins for agents easily (Admin > Agents > Auth & SSO). User support coming soon.
  • DP-2105 — Pasting a URL into agent search box will show that thing first in the result.
  • DP-2348 — Import jobs now show a summary of the last job in the admin interface
  • DP-2462 — On-premise includes a new CLI command to find invalid email addresses (dp:utility:invalid-emails)
  • DP-2481 — New Zapier trigger for "ticket updated"
  • DP-2561 — Language packs updated; enabled new packs for Czech and Indonesian
  • DP-2048 — Google auth source now allows you to filter by multiple domains

Defects fixed

  • DP-1865 — Active Directory auth source now updates user primary email address if it changes in AD
  • DP-1246 — API | Attachments details are not coming in the response of Article endpoint query
  • DP-1367 — JWT Login | Null Loign is displayed when you set up login with JWT
  • DP-1514 — Ticket notifications based on filter which uses 'Brand' in the criteria are not working
  • DP-1573 — Clicking on an article vote count causes the agent interface to freeze
  • DP-2188 — Phone number matching
  • DP-2242 — DB being down shows install_incomplete error to user
  • DP-2258 — API Logging Tweaks
  • DP-2267 — A ticket can be assigned to a chat department by default by the system
  • DP-2280 — Portal styling changes are saving in the portal editor but the changes are not rendered in the live portal
  • DP-2288 — Email rate limiting not applying properly
  • DP-2316 — should be a phrase
  • DP-2323 — Recent Activity list -- appending instead of prepending
  • DP-2335 — Prevent html entities from being converted in Snippets
  • DP-2347 — Reset Helpdesk Brand Issues
  • DP-2349 — Importer shouldn't modify permissions of existing users/agents
  • DP-2351 — Blob could potentially have empty filename if user filename contains invalid chars
  • DP-2355 — Knowledge base articles titles are not translated in various places
  • DP-2379 — Deleted agents appear as normal profiles on agent side
  • DP-2380 — Phone numbers are not added to ElasticSearch in real time.
  • DP-2382 — Schema tool should detect MyISAM tables
  • DP-2400 — Enable admin lang translations
  • DP-2401 — Cannot set default team from agent preferences
  • DP-2409 — Removing attachment from a field not working
  • DP-2441 — Disabled agent causing request flood somehow
  • DP-2443 — Exception when visiting ticket as a user
  • DP-2444 — Add image button to guides
  • DP-2453 — Lightbox issues
  • DP-2463 — Add some more info to server report file
  • DP-2464 — Cannot add note if last attachment was added by a drag and drop from the ticket
  • DP-2465 — Handle empty last date activity in user chat round robin
  • DP-2470 — Call to a member function getId() on null
  • DP-2471 — Undefined property: DeskPRO/Bundle/ReportBundle/Dpql2/Statement/Part/FunctionCall::$rhs
  • DP-2488 — V2 API: Add date_created parameter to POST /api/v2/ticket_messages
  • DP-2489 — API V2: Add date_resolved parameter to POST /api/v2/tickets
  • DP-2518 — "0 Unknown type `topic` error" when deleting topics
  • DP-2519 — Error when internal exception render widget
  • DP-2539 — Undefined index: category
  • DP-2540 — UniqueConstraintViolationException sometimes when submitting ticket from widget
  • DP-2549 — API issues: Exception: 0 Method `getagentteamids` is undefined
  • DP-2554 — Error: Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated
  • DP-2555 — Fix icons in Admin / Apps
  • DP-2562 — Cannot use object of type SplitResult as array
  • DP-2566 — Ticket attachments blobs stay in temp status
  • DP-2570 — Server error during QuickSearch
  • DP-2573 — Cannot fully deselect checkbox choices when saving
  • DP-2592 — Chat filter queries being run against main db
  • DP-2597 — A network error while downloading remote images in emails can result in an error being logged
  • DP-2612 — Download blob is marked as is_temp
  • DP-2613 — Guide topics do not display if you are browsing a brand through a /brand-xyz/ preview address.
  • DP-2363 — 'Agent Names' are missing in front of 'Registration' & 'Ticket Creation' records in 'Activity Stream' when two Agent is merged
  • DP-189 — Refresh ticket log after forwarding a ticket message
  • DP-2621 — When logged into one brand, you can access other brand portals through their preview links even if you don't have access or the brands are disabled

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will be releasing this update shortly to you.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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