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mai. 21 2018

Deskpro 2018.1 Release

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We're delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.1

Deskpro 2018.1 includes the product updates, new features, bug fixes, and additional company updates listed below:

New Release Numbering

We've changed how we number Deskpro versions and release announcements. You can read more about why and what that means here.

SSL Available as Standard

We've enabled SSL for all cloud customers. Find out more about that here.

New Reports

We've completely updated Deskpro Reports with new features, functionality, interface and more. You can read this post to discover everything you need to know about new reports.

Multibrand Update

We've made a number of significant changes and improvements to the way multibrand works in Deskpro. Check them out here.


DP-1620: It is now possible to translate custom field choice items

DP-999: New field type added: File

DP-997: New field type added: Currency

DP-1001: New field type added: URL

DP-1412: Added skip-re-index option for the dp:import-apply command

DP-1304: Creating linked feedback from ticket display now improved

DP-975: Options added to filter tickets based on ticket ID and person ID

DP-1634: Deskpro brand on login updated

Feature Updates

DP-1079: Trigger criteria now available for "CC added"

Bug Fixes

DP-1520: List of agents in Instant Messaging now displayed in alphabetical order

DP-167: Adding CC when "Notify new CC" trigger is enabled now working correctly

DP-1625: Ticket variables in new ticket snippets now working correctly

DP-1511: Portal search logging no longer saving type-ahead searches

DP-1597: Text attachments no longer recognised as text version of email

DP-1535: Agent with 'view only' permission is no longer able to change ticket followers

DP-786: Active Directory no longer fails to sync if login actions set

DP-1430: Data Saver in Google Chrome prevented from causing errors

DP-1437: React-timeago package updated resulting in improved relative date and time display

DP-1571: Bug with triggers in Email Templates working resolved

DP-793 Mcrypt extension now listed in recommendations for on-premise documentation

DP-1152: New User registration no longer fails if Deskpro exists in a subfolder

DP-1451: Bugs with Agent IM message input resolved

DP-1478: Editing custom choice field no longer places integer into search box

DP-1348: Create new Note button updated with new language

DP-1518: Removed unnecessarily rounded percentages

DP-1499: Asset path configurations now working correctly

DP-1457: Note menu now displaying correctly

DP-1359: Follow-ups calendar showing days of the month correctly

DP-1396: Error when selecting brand in a new guide topic from a different brand resolved

DP-1205: Follow-ups now working correctly with translation and languages

DP-1197: Agents can no longer use "set as normal message" function without permissions

DP-1042: Attachments now sending when forwarding messages from a ticket

DP-991: Old instances of 'DeskPRO' replaced with 'Deskpro'

DP-962: HTML bug in emails creating blank tickets resolved

DP-1360: Global API limits enforced based on admin settings

DP-1355: Bug creating inability to set helpdesk URL resolved

DP-1300: API user validation improved

DP-1234: Entries in usersource_sync_log now cleared after 30 days

DP-1214: Reports cross referencing snippet use and tickets now working correctly

DP-173: PDF files now sent through Deskpro now working correctly

DP-1245: Bug causing implementation of react-intl instead of agentPhrases in LegacyAgent now resolved

DP-1353: Global API limits removed from database

DP-1357: CSV reader in importer tools fixed

DP-1281: Attachments are no longer duplicated on outgoing emails

DP-1301: Tooltip added to Agent IM avatars

DP-849: Bug disallowing Monday as valid weekday in custom fields resolved

DP-1225: Converting built-in field to custom field now working correctly

DP-1210: Editing guide category now working correctly

DP-1199 Unchecking a checkbox field through macros now working correctly

DP-1137: Snippet attachments are now updated properly for other agents

DP-781: Now possible to change urgency of an open ticket even if a required field is not satisfied

DP-616: Browser notifications no longer showing escaped HTML entities

DP-191: Browser notification duration now working correctly

DP-1206: Date input widget now using locale of selected interface language

DP-1233: Additional number now not shown when seeing groups listed in IM

DP-995: Option to unset value in radio field added

DP-1694: Issue with reports showing legacy snippets resolved

DP-1692: Bug causing error with split messages to new ticket now resolved

DP-1638: Brand default email accounts now displaying correctly

DP-1228: Trigger/Escalation filter error with "Date Archived" criteria fixed

DP-1484: Links no longer removed from articles when using Froala editor

DP-1485: Froala Editor | When you insert tables and add format to it in articles and visit the html and save the formatting is removed

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.

 If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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