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Triggers based on chat Collecting Feedback

Currently you can only make triggers based on new/updated tickets. I would like to have triggers that are based on a chat. For example, send a message to Slack when a chat is missed by one of our agents.

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Ruth Cheesley
Just adding my voice to this as I think it's important to be able to trigger based on chat messages coming in and/or being missed.
frank dage
Let's be able to do some chat triggers whereby canned responses are sent to customers based on , first time visit, visit from somewhere etc etc.

At present, admin have no control over the Chat Transcript (e.g. which email address it is sent from, which department it is sent from and the transcript email cant address the user by name). Example, we have 3 languages set up and 3 departments (each translated 3x). If a user comes on to the French chat widget and chooses Sales Team (in French) then enters their name and creates a chat. At the end of the chat, the transcript should be sent to them. It should address them by name. It should come from the email address that is set in the trigger so in this example it would be sent from (Send user an email functionality). The email contents should be in French. In addition to this, if you set up a custom field e.g. Company Name on the chat screen, it would be really useful if that could be mapped to the Company Name in the CRM>Organisation. At the minute it is pretty pointless information as it is only stored in one place.

kenji mori

We would like to receive a Slack notification when a user wants to start to talk with us on chat(he/she clicked our widget chat button).

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