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Dark/Night mode theming? - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

Any consideration to adding themes to the interface so people can change the default white an blue theme, preferably some sort of dark/night mode?

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Josh Smaage
This would be nice to see built-in...I created my own dark mode and it took 3,300 lines of CSS to change everything including reports, admin, etc.

Hey Josh, Is that difficult to implement?
Please please add the ability to switch to Dark theme. We have people working 24/7 and at night it would be so much easier on the eyes thank you!!!
hi guys any update on the dark theme
Kevin Smith
I know this is over a year old but we would be interested in a dark mode option as well.
Until Deskpro implement the actual dark theme, you can use extensions or force your web browser to enable dark mode for all websites by using these switches: edge://flags/#enable-force-dark (Edge), chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark (Chrome)
Samuel Wolfe
Please implement dark mode. This being a default bright white with bright baby blue is hard on our teams eyes long term.
Edward McQuaig
Dark mode is almost a requirement for our teams now. With the new DeskPRO, there's even MORE whitespace to deal with! We've tried browser addons which work but slow down pages substantially. Please implement! -- B

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