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attachment in snippets Finished

I'd love to be able to add attachments in a snippet. One of our departments sends out a ton of .doc and .pdf files to users who need to fill out forms for our mission trips. Right now they're literally forwarding "stock" gmail messages with attachments in them over and over. They aren't interested in having to manually attach messages in the new system, so they suggested it would work if they could create snippets with files attached. A work around would be to use links to downloads, but some of their clients are very old and can barely function in email, so the attachments make more sense.

Reacties (2)

Chris Padfield
This would be a useful feature; we've got some important changes to the attachment system to make to enable it (essentially to prevent attachment duplication). In the meantime; my suggestion is agents have a folder on their computer and drag and drop attachments when the reply - it's pretty fast; but definitely not as good as adding to snippets.
Paul Davies
Hi Brian. It is not possible to add attachments to snippets. You can view more information about them here: https://support.deskpro.com/en/news/posts/new-snippets-interface