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Upgrading to Deskpro Horizon: A Guide for Admins - Knowledgebase / Horizon Migration - Deskpro Support

Upgrading to Deskpro Horizon: A Guide for Admins

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What is Deskpro Horizon?

Horizon is the code name for the latest version of Deskpro. It includes a new interface design for both the Admin and Agent interfaces. The software will look visually different; however, we have taken great care to maintain existing functionality.

We have two video demos that might be helpful to get a feel for the new version, a full video tour of Deskpro Horizon from the perspective of someone who does not know anything about Deskpro, and a video designed for Agents who are going to shortly be upgraded to the new experience.

Over time we will drop the Horizon name and refer to the product as just Deskpro again.

Migration to Horizon

If you are viewing this page, you have likely been sent confirmation that your account is due to be upgraded. The following is what you need to know:

  • When will I be migrated?

    We have set dates for migrations and our support team will get in touch with the confirmed date for your migration. If you are reading this and have not had a scheduled migration, please let support know.

  • What happens during the migration?

    We will provide you with a 2-hour maintenance window, the upgrade process can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your data (put simply - the more tickets, the longer the time).

    Any emails received during the upgrade period will be stored and processed shortly after the migration is completed.

    Chat and Voice will be put on hold during the upgrade process.

  • Are there any changes for my customers?

    We have not made any layout or design changes to your customer-facing features; Help Center or Messenger, which means that your customers won’t notice any difference.

What do I need to be aware of

  • Filters have become Queues.

    One significant change in Horizon is an expansion of how you access a list of tickets. We no longer use the term Filters and instead have 3 new terms - Queues, Lists, and Ticket Search. Put simply:

    • Queues are sets of tickets, defined by admins, that agents need to work on. They are typically all in the status of Awaiting Agent, can be subscribed to, show counts, and are updated in real-time. They are much more flexible than Filters used to be, Admins have complete control over the Queues an agent sees.

    • Lists are sets of tickets that match certain criteria, can be created by agents or admins, and can include Resolved tickets. They can’t be subscribed to, require a manual refresh, and do not show counts.

    • Ticket Search is a way of finding, typically, a specific ticket through a combination of keyword matching and refining criteria.

    When you upgrade, in most cases your custom filters will become Queues. If the custom filter had tickets in the resolved status, these filters would become lists in Horizon.

    The default set of Queues has also been updated. We would encourage you to review the Queues once you have upgraded.

  • The Admin interface has a new design.

    The admin interface has been redesigned to make it more consistent, faster, and easier to use as well as expose a range of new features. The new Guide for the updated Admin Interface can be found here.

What do my agents need to know?

We have written an article we would encourage you to send to your agents before the upgrade. It includes a few screenshots to identify the most important things that have changed and a brief video tour as well.

Change can often be scary, particularly in a tool people spend a significant amount of their day working in. Although the design of Deskpro has changed, our testing shows that after only an hour or two, agents become familiar with the new interface, see the benefits, and are more productive.

The Agent article regarding the changes to their interface can be found here.

Here to Help

If you have any further questions about the migration process, please reach out to Deskpro support who are happy to help you through this process. We are of course standing by if you have any issues once migrated, and appreciate all feedback on this new version of Deskpro.

Contact Us

Weekly Releases

We are working to improve Deskpro through weekly releases of product improvements and new features, to keep you up to date with these changes, you can find all of our news and release notes here - Deskpro News.

We have also added a Latest Updates pop-up into Deskpro, that will notify you in the helpdesk about new features and UI changes after each update!

Webinars & Videos

We have included some videos below to show how the new interface will look. Alongside these videos, we are also running Webinars that you are welcome to join in order to see more of Deskpro Horizon and to ask any questions you may have. Follow the links below to book a webinar. Looking forward to seeing you in a session soon!

Deskpro Webinar Booking


Demo of Deskpro Horizon


Tour of Deskpro Horizon for Agents:


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