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Why are some automatic Replies added as an internal Note? - Knowledgebase / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

Why are some automatic Replies added as an internal Note?

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Question: Why do some automatic email responses from Users get added to as an internal note within the ticket?

Answer: This happens when Deskpro was able to recognize the message as an automatic reply, and intentionally adds the reply as a note so that it does not affect the status of the ticket (e.g. changing it from Awaiting User to Awaiting Agent).

In order for the reply to be recognized in this manner, the subject of the reply must contain certain prefixes (which is why this won't be the behaviour for all automatic replies). The prefixes Deskpro currently looks for are:

  • Delivery Status Notification <original subject>
  • Undeliverable : Delivery Status Notification <original subject> 
  • Out of Office:  <original subject> 
  • Automatic reply:   <original subject> 
  • Out of Office AutoReply:  <original subject> 
  • Autosvar: <original subject> 
  • Recall:  <original subject>
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