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Option on tab closing after ticket reply - 피드백 / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Option on tab closing after ticket reply Finished

In ver 3.5.2 there was an option in tech interface> Settings > General Where to redirect after replying to a ticket The options where  Back to the ticket Next ticket in search Back to search listing Is there a way to add this so that when we reply the ticket won't close by default?

Official response

Lara Proud

There are two places this can be managed.

1) Admins can set up the default behavior in the helpdesk under Business Rules > Interface Defaults.

On this settings page, under Ticket Reply, you’ll see the option:

Automatically Close Ticket Tab.pngMake sure you have deselected the option Automatically enable “Close Tab”. This will update the helpdesk default so that when agents respond to a ticket the tab will remain open after their action takes place.

2) Agents can also set their preferred default behaviors in their Agent Settings:

Open Agent Preferences.pngIn the Agent Preferences menu, open the Preferences tab. Here you can choose your preferred behavior for adding a ticket reply or agent note. Selecting “Ticket stays open” will ensure after you send a response the ticket tab will stay open on your screen:

Agent Ticket Preferences.pngMake sure to hit save on any updates you make to your preferences.

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Timo Francke
You can just uncheck "Automatically close ticket tabs when" in your profile preferences.