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Microsoft Teams Integration - 피드백 / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

As our organization becomes more and more reliant on Teams and the O365 ecosystem, it is only a matter of time before we look towards a help desk system that also integrates with the ecosystem. I hope this is in the pipeline.

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Jason Voice
Yup we're looking at Teams now too. I notice that Zendesk is ready to plug in to it. When can we have Deskpro integrated?
Michel Strøm Tandrup
We use Microsoft teams a lot in our department. It would be nice with a Teams app for DeksPRO, in order to do ticket triggers that would integrate into Teams channels, like with the Slack app.
We are set to move to Teams in the near future as well, I'd love to see this feature.
Jonas Plouffe
We actively use Teams organization wide. Some form of Teams integration would be fantastic.
Add me tree. Would like to see the Microsoft Teams integration.

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