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Improve UX for customising translations - 피드백 / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Improve UX for customising translations Finished

The UX is very difficult to use if you are trying to find specific terms and don't know where in the system they are. It would make more sense to have a search or filter system to be able to find the relevant string quickly.

Official response

Lara Proud

Thanks for these great suggestions, the new phrase translation interface has resolved this issue. With the new interface, you can now search for phrases by string or the phrase itself making it easier to find the specific phrase you wish to translate. Additionally, all of your installed languages will be listed as options in the UI to let you apply translations for the phrase in each language all in one place. To access this updated UI go to Admin > Configuration > Phrase Translation.

Comments (1)

Koen Glotzbach
A search function for strings in the language area would be nice indeed. More advanced option would also be great, where you can find a string and change it for multiple languages (e.g. if you want to replace "Knowledgebase" in mutliple languages by "FAQ" which is the same for many languages)