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nov 28 2022

We have changed the color of Agent Notes

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We want our interface to be as clear as possible so you can work efficiently.

We have received feedback that the color of Agent Outbound emails and Agent Notes were too similar, making it hard to differentiate between them when quickly glancing at a ticket thread.

To solve this, we have changed the color of Agent Notes to purple.

Ticket Thread Purple.pngWe have also increased the contrast between Agent replies by darkening the yellow and adding a border to messages to increase visibility.

As well as Agent Notes displaying in the thread as purple, the note tab on the reply box will also be changed to reflect this, making it more obvious which type of agent reply action you are viewing or taking.

Reply Box.pngThis change is also carried through to the Agent IM notifications you receive when another agent @mentions you in an Agent Note, so all messages relating to Agent Notes are aligned visually.

Agent IM change.png

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