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Creating Effective Custom New Ticket Contact Forms

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What is a Ticket Contact Form?

A ticket contact form is a default feature on your Help Center; it is the principal channel users can use to submit tickets to your helpdesk.

Ticket forms can be embedded onto any of your web pages, and appear on your Help Center. You can create different custom Contact forms for each department; this ensures that your Agents have all the relevant information about an inquiry when a ticket gets submitted. But you can also have the same form for multiple departments if you wish.

How do I create effective Ticket Contact Forms?

The key to making an effective contact form is by making the most of Deskpro’s built-in form fields as well as creating your own custom fields, this will enable you to collect information from your users before the ticket reaches your Agents.

Think of form fields as a supplement to email support, providing as much information about specific inquiries will help your Agents to solve issues faster and reduce the back-and-forth required to resolve an issue.

You can create custom fields by going to Admin > Ticket Structure > Ticket Fields.

Once you have created your custom fields, you can create your Ticket Contact Forms. You create Ticket Contact Forms for your Departments in Admin > Ticket Structure > Departments.

Select the department you require, and then open the Form tab where you can build your Ticket Contact Form by adding fields and ordering them using the handy drag-and-drop functionality.

You can add as many custom fields as you need. You can also create dependencies between fields for truly dynamic forms, e.g., only when a User selects that their ‘Type of Product’ is a ‘Radiator’ that ‘When did you purchase the product?’ appears.

Add field dependencies by selecting the Cog on a field and specifying the criteria; you can edit other advanced settings here.

Once you save your form, you can go to your Help Center and see the changes live by clicking on Contact Us and testing out the new fields you have created:

What are Agent Ticket Forms?

In the Agent interface, the fields that Users fill in when submitting a ticket will be displayed to the Agent on the individual ticket as an Agent Ticket Form in the ticket properties panel, so they have all the information available to them as they handle the ticket.

You will need to edit the Agent Form in Admin > Ticket Structure > Departments so that any custom fields you create are visible on the ticket for an Agent.

Agents can edit or update the information provided in the ticket by clicking on a field; this is helpful if a User has accidentally put the wrong information down and helps to keep all records up to date.

In addition to Ticket Custom Fields, you can create custom User and Organization fields that can add and store additional information about them in your CRM.

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