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Working hours taken into account in escalations OR SLAs to be completed by actions - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Working hours taken into account in escalations OR SLAs to be completed by actions Under Review

I'm trying to set up Escalations and it's just not working for me because tickets are escalating out of hours which doesn't work in this use case. I tried SLAs as well, but they require an email to be sent to the user for the SLA to be completed - simply changing a status isn't enough.

I was using an escalation based on the following:

If the Agent Team is not set and the ticket has been waiting for an hour, email certain agents.

If the Agent Team is not set and the ticket has been waiting for 2 hours, email other certain agents.

This doesn't work for us because it doesn't look at working hours, so tickets over a weekend are sending out emails.

I tried to use SLAs instead, but they can only be satisfied by a response back to the user, not just a status change. What I want is for the SLA to warn at 1 hour if no team has been selected, and fail at 2 hours. If a team does get selected, the SLA is marked as complete. The only three "completion" options are:

Time until first response

Time until ticket resolution

User waiting time until ticket resolution.

It would be good to have another option here to check if the Application criteria at the bottom are met or not – if they are, complete the SLA. Simon Frost 0 Comments

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Jeroen van der Steen
We would also like Escalations to respect working hours. We were actually looking to set up an SLA that runs on every reply (not just on the first response). Our solution was to use Escalations to change the status of a dummy SLA based on user waiting time, but this does not take working hours into account. If it would, the solution would be workable. In general it would be nice to be able to set Escalations and SLAs based on more parameters than there currently are.
Earene Lee
We've had to utilize "SLA's" to be able to handle internal escalations / alerts because there is no ability to use 'working hours'. If there is anyway to meld the 2 together for functionality, that would be great as the escalations uses 'how long as it be in xyz state' is very useful vs the SLAs of how long since ticket has been opened or until resolved, etc.
Steffen Kemme
I concur: We use Escalations to remind customers that we're waiting for them to reply to us. If they do not do so within 2 days, they receive a reminder. If after 2 more days, they still haven't replied the ticket is closed automatically. However, we don't want to take non-business days into account: For example, if we send the customer a reply on Thursday morning at 08:45am, they will receive a reminder on Saturday morning at 08:45am. Obviously they won't reply to this, since they're not in the office on a Saturday and therefore do not see the reminder. And after 2 more days, at Monday morning at 08:45am the ticket is closed automatically, while the customer didn't even see the first reminder. In this case the first reminder should be sent on Monday morning since that's 2 business days after our reply to the customer.
Ian Bower
Yes please!! We use escalations to remind our team to follow up on ticket and to trigger workflow urgency and tasks. When the ticket escalate over the weekend it causes panic and makes more work because we have to manually correct it.

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