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Change chat widget status based on available agents. - Ötlettár / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Change chat widget status based on available agents. Under Review

Backend ability to enable live chat status text when agents are online, and change the status text when agents are offline. In order words, ability to set operating times. The current system for the chat does not work at all, as it's just one status.

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frank dage
Change chat widget text status to we are offline kindly leave a message, or a custom text once the no agent is online. This is a no brainer function so wondering why it has not been implemented.
Ruth Cheesley
So far as I am aware, it switches to ask the user to leave a ticket if no agents are available already. Not really clear what you're asking for?
Romanita Courson
Some agents forget to change their status to "offline for chat" and will be online after hours. If your company is open 9-5 but an agent is still logged into chat. A customer could attempt to chat after 5. Why does the customer have to attempt to chat then is given the response that there are available agents ready? We should be able to notify the customer that the support team is closed and to submit a ticket or chat during business hours before they try to chat and gets the " there is no available agents" message.
If the DeskPro chat was looking to the actual agents that are online in the Chat Queues from the chat, then (for us) there was no problem. But DeskPro look at all agents that have acces to the chat function. even if this chat has a chat queues whit only 1 agent.

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