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Márta 6 2023

Apply Time and Billing Charges using Email Action Codes

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You can apply Time and Billing charges to tickets using Email Action Codes. We added this functionality so that Agents can respond to tickets from your email service provider and include the relevant action codes to attach the Time or Billing Charges associated with the ticket and credit it to themselves.

Email Action Code Email.png

You can apply the new action codes in this way:

  • Billing Time: #billing_time 01:45:00

  • Billing Charge: #billing_charge 120.00

The action codes are applied in the format 00:00:00 for time or 100.00 for currency, and the relevant charges will then be added to the ticket’s log. The log will automatically apply the currency the helpdesk is set up in when adding billing charges.

EAC Log.png
These new codes will save Agents’ time as they won’t have to log into the helpdesk to add these charges; it makes responding to tickets from their external email more convenient.

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