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Slack App: Set individual webhooks / channels per Trigger - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Slack App: Set individual webhooks / channels per Trigger Collecting Feedback

Currently it's only possible to set a global webhook for the Slack app/widget, meaning you can only trigger a message to one single Slack channel. Please extend the app to support individual webhooks/channels per Trigger, since different teams usually use different Slack channels. Thanks!

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Ruth Cheesley
Important one for us - or integrate with the API? In our instance we often want specific organisation's support tickets going to a specific room, for example, or sales going to one room and support to another.
Ruth Cheesley
I think this has changed - I can set the channel into which I post based on the specific trigger.
Sid burton
Yap, seems like you get the webhook address from one channel from slack, but them when you are creating actions, you basically can send it to any channel, u just need to name the channel starting with #

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